John Mitchell for DC

If we really want a outstanding Defensive Coordinator, we should take a hard look at John Mitchell, the defensive line coach for Pittsburgh. He is currently the assistance head coach also, so I believe he'll also have to have that title with us in order for us to hire him. DC/Assist. Head coach. Pittsburgh d-line has been a beast since coach Mitchell has been there. After 15 years in Pittsburgh maybe he's ready to leave to run his own defense. Lets face it, Tim Krumrie is the pits. No d-lineman has excelled under this guy. He is the d-line equal to Dick Curling my stomach. Pittsburgh d-line is the sole reason why their linebackers and safeties are as hyped as they are. Any football fan knows that the Steelers d-line has dominated for years and years. Lets bring John Mitchell to KC. Oh, and his Superbowl ring(s) would give him the complete attention of his players. 

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