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Tony Gonzalez: 'I have no problem staying with the Chiefs'



After a 6 catch, 98 yard and 1 touchdown performance, Tony Gonzalez spoke with NBC's Andrea Kremer at the Pro Bowl just a few minutes ago. Not much in the way of new news here. Gonzalez says he's not even sure if he wants to play two more years and says he would be fine if he stayed a Chief this offseason.

Andrea Kremer: Well it's good that Tony Gonzalez is sitting back by the mister. I know you appreciate this. Well 10 straight Pro Bowls and you set a record for yards and reception and tied for touchdowns. What is it about you, especially you and Peyton Manning hooking up? I think Dallas Clark may ge ta little jealous here.

Tony Gonzalez: Well, I think this is Peyton's 9th Pro Bowl and I've been over here as long as he's been over here. We've had a good chance to get to know where I like the ball. Up high. And wow, what an amazing arm. He puts it up where I can go get it.

Kremer: Now, during the season, last season, you asked to be traded. You wanted to play for a contender. There's a whole new braintrust in the Chiefs front office. Have you spoken to new GM Scott Pioli?

Gonzalez: Well I spoke to Pioli last week because there was some trade rumors out there saying I wanted a trade. And that wasn't the case. I said this is the reason I would want a trade. It was taken out of context.

Kremer: What would be that reason?

Gonzalez: There is no doubt in my mind that Scott Pioli is going to come in there and do a good job. And so is the head coach Todd Haley.

But, you know, I'm going into 13th year. I want to play two more years and that's a maybe. I've been three playoff games and won none. Just looking at the Super Bowl this year it would be so great to get that opportunity to play for that.

And I'm not saying the Chiefs can't do that. They will eventually turn that corner. It's just how soon they can do that. Once free agency starts and they're wheeling and dealing and making trades and whatever it is, if it looks good I have no problem staying with the Chiefs.

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