Mocking the Draft takes up the Chiefs' task in earnest

Took down my FanShot and replaced it with this  -Primetime

I wanted to introduce myself, and the new and improved SBNation Mocking the Draft site, featuring the scouting reports and draft information from Mocking Dan.  My name is Jeremy, I go by the name styg50 here on SBnation, and I will be MTD's official correspondent with the fine communities of the AFC West teams, including AP.

Chrishas already graciously pledged his support of MTD's efforts to grow, and as part of that effort, I wanted to reach out to this community, with questions about your needs and rosters, the play of your stars and of your so-sos, and hopefully with answers to some of your draft related questions.  Mocking Dan knows his stuff, and I will relay your concerns and questions to him in order to facilitate some of the best interwebbery knowledge sharing around.  I'm hoping all of you guys will come to be a big part of  these efforts, and I hope we all learn something and have some fun with this.

 My opening salvo on the Chiefs can be seen at MTD, and I would appreciate any feedback you take the time to give on it.  The best part of these posts is the give and take that occurs in the comments, so don't hold back!

One of the many issues that need weighed in on include Mocking Dan having the Chiefs taking DE in the first round mock he created, and he mentioned that it would be Orakpo over Everette Brown, but that Pioli could go either way.  My thought on the same issue was that Pioli needed to get Julius Peppers in free agency, and not look back.  How important is it that veteran leadership come into the front seven in 2009?  Are you guys ok in the defensive leadership department?

Also, what is the crown jewel acquisition at LB that you guys have your eyes on?  Vilma inside?  Bart Scott?  Draft only at LB?

Can't wait to hear what you guys are thinking.  I'll be around.


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