Report: Rams shopping Holt and Orlando Pace

Before you shun this post consider this: Willie Roaf was turning 32 when the Chiefs signed him to play

Roaf, who will turn 32 in April, may not be immediately available to play for the Chiefs. The seven-time Pro Bowl left tackle tore his anterior cruciate ligament last year and missed nine games. He may not be ready to play until just before the season opener.

That bring us to Holt and Pace. The Rams would free up $8 million of cap space by cutting or trading Holt by June 1. They'd save $6 million by cutting or trading Pace by June 1.

So in essence, the Rams would double their cap room — from $14 million to $28 million — by dispatching Pace and Holt. These would not be easy decisions. Pace and Holt have been to seven Pro Bowls a piece. They were mainstays of the Greatest Show on Turf squads. They have conducted themselves in exemplary fashion on and off the field in St. Louis.


So what do ya'll think?


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