HANG YOUR HAT-Deadbolt Lock Predictions 2009-2010

Here's what I want you to do:

Give me your predictions: (copy and paste between the ---'s into your reply)

Chiefs 2009 reg season wins =
Chiefs 2009 postseason wins =
Chiefs 2010 reg season wins =
Chiefs 2010 postseason wins =
With the #3 overall pick the chiefs select =
True or False: Chiefs draft a QB in 2009 =
True or False: Chiefs draft a RB in 2009 =
True or False: Chiefs draft a WR in 2009 =
Chiefs defensive coordinator (DC) will be =
Chiefs offensive coordinator (OC) will be =
True or False: Todd Haley will coach longer than his 4 year contract =
True or False: Tyler Thigpen starts game 1 2009 =
Chiefs starting QB in week 1 of 2010 =
Chiefs starting RB in week 1 of 2010 =
True or False: Larry Johnson carries the ball week 1 of 2009 =
True or False: Dwayne Bowe is our #1 receiver week 1 of 2010 =
True or False: TG starts game 1 2009 for the Chiefs =
Chiefs defensive formation in 2009 will be =
Chiefs defensive formation in 2010 will be =
Chiefs overall offensive standing 2009 =
Chiefs overall offensive standing 2010 =
Chiefs overall defensive standing 2009 =
Chiefs overall defensive standing 2010 =


By 'overall offensive standing' I mean what will the Chiefs rank in total yardage: 3rd?  or 30th?

Here are some options for offensive and defensive formations for reference.

If you think the chiefs will trade down the #3 pick say so.

I left out 'chiefs will draft LB etc' in 2009 because I don't think there's much doubt and/or controversy surrounding other positions.  If I should have included something else, include away.

Careful with the 2009/2010 thing.

As to the Deadbolt Lock part, I have my tongue in my cheek.  Even if you aren't sure, guess, and say you are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN.  It's what Chris Mortenson  would do, after all.  To those who would say, 'we have to wait for FA and the draft to know any of this stuff', well, that just makes hitting a homerun in your predictions that much sweeter.

If we could all paypal in $5 for a prediction pool that would be awesome.  Unfortunately, our government will not let us because it will cause teenagers to do meth and eat live babies.

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