Draft Party info

Draft Party Link right here fells. The info is all there. I think it would be great to show ourselves there and be a presence. I am excited simply to A- meet some of you. B- meet other fans. C- get a good feel how other fans see/view/judge our new regime and our newest draft class. D- almost forgot, drink a few cold ones with the AP crew. Just some quick info, it's Sat 25 April @ the Arrowhead. I had a few frinds go last year and really enjoy. 08' was a much more enjoyable draft since the time for selections was sliced down a bit. Again, I think it would be great for the website to show our numbers and all of our outrageous opinions. I think it was Chris who said he wouldn't make any T-shirts/hats with our current logo. I am going to design one and submit it, I think we should all join in and work on a badass logo!


Late Fellas,



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