A Modest Proposal

I believe the three wise men Clark, Scott, and Todd are going to revolutionize the game of football. Their first order of business should be to eliminate punting and place kicking specialist from the team. There are many pros to this strategy and you can fill the comments with the cons. First off, NFL teams punt way too much. They say football is a game of field position yet they use points scored to determine the winner. Punting on 4th and short in the opponents territory not only gives up possession but in concedes momentum. If you have ever read Gregg Easterbrooks TMQ, you have seen his numerous examples of how this only leads to defeat. Example: Team A leads Team B by 4 points with 5 minutes remaining in the game. Team B has 4th and 2 on Team A’s 42 yard line. Instead of exerting their Y chromosomes, Team B unwedges their panties and punts. Two plays later Team A has advanced the ball to their own 42 yard line, which is about where they would have taken over on downs if Team B had gone for it on 4th down. The only thing different is that 1 minute is missing from the clock. The moral of the story is punting in the opponents territory on 4th and short is one of the surest paths to defeat.

I know you are thinking, even if this were true, there are still situations where punting the ball is by far the prudent course of action. I agree with this. I also propose that there are 45 capable athletes on that team, and I have a hard time believing that not one of them is capable of kicking a football 40 yards. Who would you rather have as your last line of defense against Devon Hester? Dustin Colquit after punting a 50 yarder or Derrick Johnson after booting 40 yarder. Can you imagine the possibilities of having Jamal Charles taking a snap for a punt? He could evaluate the opportunity to take the edge, and if he doesn’t see it, would still be able to get off a 30 yard punt. An opposing special teams coach’s worst nightmare.

Look at kicking PAT’s. Two point conversion attempts successful 51% of the time are still better than 100% successful extra points. Instead of occupying a roster spot with place kicker, use that spot for a 289 pound hammer head fullback that can get you 2 yards 51% of the time or more. Would you feel more confident charging a heavyweight into the line of scrimmage for 2 yards, or have your sissy kicker attempt a pass on a fake kick to convert a critical fourth and short?

The point here is that when the game is managed aggressively to win, the kicking aspect is much less a critical factor. I feel that the kicking game as it relates to the actual person doing the kicking does not warrant 2 roster spots. The way to deal with this is to add a kicking incentive to every players contract. Let the players compete for game time kicking opportunities and compensate them accordingly. Tony Gonzales kicks a 44 yard field goal in overtime for the win and pockets $44,000 in the process. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

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