my wishes for the birthday of chiefs8288

ok today (feb.7) is my B-day and i had a few wishes for this year.  some of them have come true, but there is still a lot to be done.

my wishes for this year are:

1) hire a new coach ( not just someone who blames the players and not coaching)

2) sign 1 or 2 impact players in the offseason ( and that tony G stay)

3) Draft playmakers/leaders not just on offense but defense as well

4) win the AFC west and a damn playoff game

5) and most importantly WIN THE SUPERBOWL.

so far only one of these have been completed but i think that with the RIGHT coaching and a couple big names being brought in it could happen.  i dont know maybe i am just really hopeful but i think we may be suprised.  what do you think?

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