Is anyone else liking this?

After the season ended I was really discouraged about the short term future of this franchise. Then Peterson resigned and we waited forever to figure out who the new GM would be. When Pioli was announced I got a new sense of enthusiasm about the teams future. We had just signed the top GM prospect.

Then came the seemingly neverending wait for the HC decision...and Herm was fired. Then comes the Superbowl and we still have no HC and it was driving me nuts. I didn't know what we were going to do and started to think we were running out of options.

Today Haley is announced and we now have 2 very bright people in out top 2 positions.

Anyways, I am rambling but after seeing the job Clark Hunt has done with his first 2 selections I am probably more excited than i have ever been during the offseason. I am loving the fact that people are writing articles saying "with Pioli and Haley and 45 mil salary cap room KC is suddenly looking scary".

I just want to know if everyone is as excited and optomistic as I am about the next few years in KC. With a new stadium and a change in leadership and what I feel will be a huge offseason for us, the sky's the limit. I really feel that we can be a strong playoff team very soon. Things are looking up.....way up for the Chiefs.


EDIT: Damn I almost forgot DT was also voted to the Hall of Fame finally. Another positive for us this offseason.

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