KC Offensive Coordinator: Greg Olson?

According to the National Football Post, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Quarterbacks Coach Greg Olson could be named new Offensive Coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs. He's been in his current post for only this past season and before that he was the Offensive Coordinator for the St. Louis Rams for two seasons. No further details were given.

Before any of this, he was QB Coach for the Bears and Lions, which doesn't bode well. The Rams started 4th in the league in total offense his first year, which was an impressive sign, but surely a remnant from the Greatest Show on Turf years. The next year, they dropped 20 slots to 24th and led to his dismissal.

The one solid resume piece is that he was instrumental in working with Drew Brees in the college offense at Purdue. But obviously that was years ago. Since then, it includes Joey Harrington, Jeff Garcia and others.

Surely there are better coordinators to choose from, especially for an offensive 'guru' like Haley. Or perhaps one isn't really needed since Haley is such a genius. Then again, we should stick with Chan Gailey.

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