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Chiefs Head Coach Search Taking Longer Than Usual


Jokes on you! Welcome back, Herm!


Believe me, I'm as anxious as everyone else to get this coaching search wrapped up.  It seems like this thing is taking longer than usual, doesn't it?  Well that's because it is.

Below is the hiring date of all coaching changes starting in 2006 to yesterday's official hiring of Tom Cable by the Raiders.

2006 (10 coaching changes)

  • Dick Jauron replaced Mike Mularkey (Buffalo Bills) - January 23rd
  • Rod Marinelli replaced Dick Jauron (Detroit Lions) - January 18th
  • Mike McCarth replaced Mike Sherman (Green Bay Packers) - January 11th
  • Gary Kubiak replaced Dom Capers (Houston Texans) - January 26th
  • Herm Edwards replaced Dick Vermeil (Kansas City Chiefs) - January 9th
  • Brad Childress replaced Mike Tice (Minnesota Vikings) - January 6th
  • Sean Payton replaced Jim Haslett (New Orleans Saints) - January 18th
  • Eric Mangini replaced Herm Edwards (New York Jets)  - January 17th
  • Art Shell replaced Norv Turner (Oakland Raiders) - February 11th
  • Scott Linehan replaced interim Joe Vitt (St. Louis Rams) - January 19th

2007 (7 coaching changes)

  • Bobby Petrino replaced Jim Mora (Atlanta Falcons) - January 8th
  • Ken Whisenhunt replaced Denny Green (Arizona Cardinals) - January 14th
  • Wade Phillips replaced Bill Parcells (Dallas Cowboys) - February 8th
  • Cam Cameron replaced Nick Saban (Miami Dolphins) - January 20th
  • Lane Kiffin replaced Art Shell (Oakland Raiders) - January 23rd
  • Mike Tomlin replaced Bill Cowher (Pittsburgh Steelers) - January 22nd
  • Norv Turner replaced Marty Schottenheimer (San Diego Chargers) - February 19th

2008 (4 coaching changes)

  • Mike Smith replaced Bobby Petrino (Atlanta Falcons) - January 23rd
  • John Harbuagh replaced Brian Billick (Baltimore Ravens) - January 18th
  • Tony Sparano replaced Cam Cameron (Miami Dolphins) - January 16th
  • Jim Zorn replaced Joe Gibbs (Washington Redskins) - February 9th

2009 (10 coaching changes)

  • Tom Cable replaced Lane Kiffin (Oakland Raiders) - February 3rd
  • Rex Ryan replaced Eric Mangini (New York Jets) - January 19th
  • Mike Singletary replaced Mike Nolan (San Francisco 49ers) - January 18th
  • Steve Spagnuolo replaced interim Jim Haslett (St. Louis Rams) - January 17th
  • Raheem Morris replaced Jon Gruden (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) - January 17th
  • Jim Schwartz replaced Rod Marinelli (Detroit Lions) - January 16th
  • Eric Mangini replaced Romeo Crennel (Cleveland Browns) - January 14th
  • Josh McDaniels replaced Mike Shanahan (Denver Broncos) - January 13th
  • Jim Caldwell replaced Tony Dungy (Indianapolis Colts) - January 13th (Note: Caldwell was the head coach in waiting)
  • Jim Mora replaced Mike Holmgren (Seattle Seahawks) - January 13th (Note: Mora was the head coach in waiting)

Of the 31 coaching hires over the last 4 seasons, only 4 have been hired after today's date.

The average hiring date over the last 4 seasons is January 20th.

The Chiefs are really only a week or two behind the average hiring date judging by the last 4 years.  I'm not worried about the head coach search.  GM Scott Pioli wasn't hired until midway through January and fired coach Herm Edwards 10 days later (January 23rd).

These things take time.  Let's be patient.  All signs are indicating that a hire will come soon.  Very soon (Today?  Tomorrow?)

Besides, this thing wouldn't be "methodical" if it didn't take some time.

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