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Tony Gonzalez Says Not So Fast on the Trade Talk

Tony Gonzalez created a bit of hoopla yesterday when he strongly insinuated that he was unhappy with the current direction of the Kansas City Chiefs and that he was considering leaving KC, however that may occur.

Well, according to FOX Sports, our Hall of Famer says the previous Yahoo! Sports article that published his incendiary comments misrepresented his feelings. From the Pro Bowl festivities earlier today:

"I want to make sure people know I have not asked for a trade.o Bowl practice. I haven't even talked to (new Chiefs general manager Scott) Pioli yet. I said there are reasons I would ask for a trade, but depending on the coach they bring in and the free-agent acquisitions, I could easily be a Chief next year, too. In fact, that's the direction I want to go."

I'm surprised this out of context quote stuff doesn't happen more often. TG explained his feelings in a much more cordial manner than a certain teammate of his did earlier today.

"It's always been important to me to approach this game with class and do the right thing. I have been so fortunate to be with the Chiefs. They've always taken good care of me. I have no complaints and I love the city, but who knows what's going to happen."

Like Tony said, who knows what is going to happen.

Note: Anyone else get the feeling like we're going to find out who the next head coach is tomorrow? Miss Arrowhead Pride is getting her widsom teeth pulled tomorrow so I'm taking the day off to blog/take care of her. I should be able to blog most of the day. Stay tuned tomorrow for full coverage.

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