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Bucs, Chiefs Lead the NFL in Salary Cap Space

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Most Cap Space Least Cap Space
Tampa Bay $61 million Carolina $1.9 million
Kansas City $57 million New England $3.2 million
Philadelphia $48 million Indianapolis $6.6 million
Denver $37 milion Pittsburgh $7.4 million
Green Bay $34 million Washington $8.1 million

H/T JayKC in the FanShots.

Free agency starts at 11 PM CST tonight and we invite you to stay up late with us and track the initial free agent signings that will inevitably happen.

Some of the deals that occur within the first 30 minutes of free agency are curious.  Like last year when Jeff Faine signed the biggest contract ever for a center before the first hour of free agency was done.  Hmm. That's a very quick negotiation process because we know they didn't violate the rules of tampering and discuss the contracts of a player under contract with another team.  Right?

The Chiefs likely won't be making any moves tonight but we're still going to be tracking the movin' and shakin'.

Chris is back in Kansas City and prepping himself for the activity tonight with a nap (A nap at 2:00 on a Thursday? Life must be nice.).

An open thread will be posted around 9 PM and we'll talk free agency into the wee hours of the night (thank goodness for coffee). So, plan on kicking the weekend off a day early and come by tonight.