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Morning Update (More NFL Combine Edition)


No reason to post this picture other than it's a cool shot (via

I wanted to mention a few house keeping notes before we started today.

First, we've had some insulting trolls on the site as of late and I've banned two people in the last three days after banning (and then unbanning) only one user in the previous two and a half years. AP is getting quite large for a sports blog (~8,000 visitors a day) so it's inevitable that we are going to have to deal with lots of different types of internet commenters. My patience for insults is at zero so make sure you keep that in mind before you get worked up about something decide to insult another poster.

What I need you regulars to do is IGNORE any trolls or anyone else who tries to flame our threads. Do not fuel the fire of an unruly commenter. Just ignore them. What they really want is attention and if we don't give it to them, they'll leave.

The high level of discussion here at AP is of absolute importance to me and I will not allow it to be degraded with insults or flame wars. Thanks for ignoring the jerks, guys. It will make everything else better around here.

Second, you probably noticed the "Related Stories" box at the bottom of each post. These stories are linked by the content you write but also by the tags and the player links you use. When you post a FanPost, make sure you add each player you mentioned in your post through the search box to the right of where you type your post. That way, we'll have the most relevant related stories linked in our posts. Look at the bottom of this post for an example.

As always, thank you so much for your great comments, posts and the overall pleasure I get from getting to associate with so many intelligent Kansas City Chiefs fans. Thanks everyone.

Chiefs News

  • C.E. Wendler: "John Clayton of ESPN characterized Sanchez’s showing as "good enough." Does Scott Pioli use that description on his Combine notes? I wonder."
  • I'm glad that the Chiefs are moving their training camp closer to KC but I don't want to read stuff like this: "St. Joseph will pay its share from an emergency reserve within the city’s general fund and from money received in the ongoing cell phone tax settlement." Yeah, they probably didn't need that emergency reserve anyway.
  • Sacramento v. Kansas City: Clash of the Titans.
  • Adam at Arrowhead Addict sounds off on the Chiefs QB debate.
  • Utah DE Paul Kruger has already spent a lot of time in Kansas City.
  • Here is another good read on the 3-4 defense from the Miami Herald, which also talks quite a bit about Bill Parcells' history with that defensive scheme.
  • Bob Gretz is talking about free agency, which begins this Friday at midnight.
  • Jeremy Maclin: "Fragile nancy."

Combine News

  • AP commenter Holmeslice just returned from the Combine in Indy and shared his thoughts with us. Good luck with your scouting gig Holmeslice!
  • USC LB Rey Maualuga came up limping with a leg injury after his first attempt to run the 40-yard dash. Texas DE Brian Orakpo tweaked his hamstring.
  • As the Chiefs talk about moving to a 3-4 defense (3 linemen and 4 linebackers), it will important to keep an eye on what the linebackers are doing at the Combine. Primetime posted about Aaron Curry's Combine performance yesterday.
  • You can check out some video of the linebacker workouts at
  • Interesting: "As for the personal interviews, these coaches said the typical canned answers given by overly prepared players offer very little insight. With free agency just days away, some of the coaches believed their time would be better served at home." After reading quite a few transcripts of media sessions at the Combine, I have to agree with Pat Kirwin here.
  • Today is the last day of the NFL Combine and it ends with defensive back workouts. has by far the best Combine coverage so make sure you check it out.

NFL News

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