Someone Convince Me

In the past several weeks, I've seen what seems like an unyielding desire by posters on this site for the Chiefs to switch their defense from a 4-3 to a 3-4.  (apparently, switching to a 3-4 will automatically make our defense as good as Pittsburgh and Baltimore's just because we run the same scheme)  I've read posts about how to make such a transition possible detailing things like coaching, approach to the draft and free agency.  What I haven't seen anyone do is make a case as to WHY switching schemes is the way to go.  I personally believe that scheme is not the determining factor to being a good defense - good personnel is.  I have posted that on several of the hundreds of "do this in order to switch to a 3-4" posts but it's like spitting on a bonfire.  So I'm asking any of you supporters of switching schemes to tell me why it would be so much better for the Chiefs to do so.  I gotta tell you, I won't be easily convinced but at least maybe I can understand the thought process.

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