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AP FanPost Roundup (Vol. 2)

Only a week after starting the weekly AP FanPost roundup and we're already late. Here's your one day later than expected FanPost roundup for February 15th-23rd.

We've had 118 FanPosts during that span which averages out to a shade over 13 per day.

To check out all the FanPosts, sorted in a variety of ways, click here.

A few quick stats over the last 9 days:

  • New Users: 63 (1,424 total)
  • FanPosts: 118 (2,149 total)
  • FanShots: 97 (1,946 total)
  • Comments: 4,178 (87,746 total)
  • Visitors: 64,820
  • Page Views: 170,604

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Combine Linebackers by bamakcfan

four possible players to go #1 by chiefs8288

Ok this is where I think we should go with the Center by Lanier63

A.C. + TANK by ROC 27

Pioli on Crabtree from ESPN's Clayton by Major Tom

David Buelher holy crap! by cmpotter

Will Curry go to the Lions? by Alaskan Chief

3 ? by A true chiefs fan

Maclin injured at combine by cmpotter

who is in an uproar?? by chiefs8288

Lions may be eyeballing a OT with first pick by Major Tom

2nd round pick by Matt_Grbac

James Laurinitus to the Dolphins by 808NaNz808

Aaron Curry Credits Tank Tyler for His Success by JayKC

Let's cross A. Smith off the list for #3 pick. by KCporkchop

Crabtree will not be drafted by Chiefs at #3 by Lanier63

Michael Crabtree's Foot by Texas Chief

The Case For A Draft Surprise by connerman

Crabtree at Combine? UPDATE: He's Toast by 3rd Coast Chief

Running 3-4 AND MY VIEWS ON WHAT WE NEED IN THE DRAFT 2 days ago by Steeves76

The Case for Chase Patton in the 7th or UDFA by Prospero15

Pioli showing his hand? by kc571

3k from TurfShowTimes mocks up the Chiefs by 3k

Why James Lauranaitis? by Lanier63

Why Curry? by Matt_Grbac

2008 Draft "what if..." by Chiefwanka

New Pick at #3 by Lvl.99

Pre-Combine Chiefs Mock by 500miles2Arrowhead

Our 1st round Draft Choice will be... by Matt_Grbac

Rebuttal to Primetime's "Reasons Not To Draft Matt... by ChiefDJ

Michael Crabtree vs. Jeremy Maclin by Moebuis

Dear Scott Pioli please draft Derrick Williams by bigdave48975

The combine's in two days... by KaloPhoenix

How to Draft 101 by Hendrix

Trade Down Possibilities? by Alaskan Chief

draft history might give indications for whats ahead by chiefs8288

Build a winner by the football guy

A look at the NFL Combine by oldchiefsfan



The Spread offense by Steve_Chiefs

3-4 or 4-3 THAT is the question! by scharny

Stopping the run by choirboy



Making use with what we have in the 3-4 by Vince D

Should the Chiefs try Dorsey at DE? by JChief

Is Albert big enough for RT? by BeijingKCfan

I want your feedback by jrchap21

Repair Kit 2009 Part III by 808NaNz808

Brodie by the football guy

Dorsey in the 3-4 by Holmeslice

95% complete... by Hendrix

Cassel or Thigpen by Major Tom

Chiefs Quarterbacks by bandit1



How about Igor Olshansky? by chiefs8288

Offseason Blueprint: Volume 1 by NYChiefsFAN12

Offseason Wish List by bonesjackson

bart scott a JET?? by kcchiefsfan56

Chiefs would be wise to keep Johnson by JChief

how about this by A true chiefs fan

Sign Brandon Moore by KansasCityShuffle

1st AP post: Quick Chiefs Offseason by JrGrayson

Browns and Chiefs Trade? by THE_TRUTH

nothing for LJ? by chiefs09

Chiefs need to start cutting back by kcchiefs56

Realistic Free Agents by chiefsfan1384

Lance Moore!!! & Derrick Ward Now !!! by z4kj

Hope nobody is expecting a lot from Free Agency by ChiefDJ


Vick to KC? by PosterNutbag

Panthers sign Gross to 6-year by madtheory

No, not Peppers... by ChiefsFootSoldier

10 things chiefs need to get done this year by chiefs8288

Peppers gets even more unlikely by NakedDave

Another option? by IamtheGreatest

Haynesworth going to test free agency by Major Tom

LB Karlos Dansby Franchised by Arizona by Moebuis

Vilma vs Hill by 808NaNz808

Ravens to Franchise Suggs by JayKC

Not looking good on the Peppers Major Tom

Cardinals Expected to Franchise LB Dansby by JayKC

Something actually interesting happening in Oakland? by Lanier63

okay so quick posts here but by Hendrix

what the chiefs should do by A true chiefs fan



Interesting article I found about Pioli and Cassel by Grand Master A

Pioli on what he means by Smart, Tough, Disciplined by oldchiefsfan

Pioli's secrecy by nayjevin

QB Development? by cmpotter

Offensive Coaching Clarification by kcsno56

Pioli's hiring strategy is genius by Idahochief

Why would we tip our hand to the Defensive scheme by NJ_Chief

Chan to work with QBs? by Holmeslice

Outrageous Responses to Coaching Hires by Lvl.99

Speculation of an optimist by Vince D

In Pioli we trust by Steve_Chiefs

romeo crennel?? by chiefs8288

Chiefs reportedly tab Clancy Pendergast at the next DC by dkugler838

Chiefs coaching staff announced by JayKC

We may have a Receivers coach after all by Lanier63

The Scott Pioli Effect by kc571

HI I'M SCOTT PIOLI by ScottPioli



Chiefs 2009 Schedule by mistamic

Emmitt Smith's Analyst Contract With ESPN Not Renewed by UCrawford

Chiorboy Huddle by choirboy

Could Chiefs Be The Next "Cardinals?" by Nelly

What Defines Success? by NJChiefsFan

hey chris, PT, and all of the AP family by chiefs8288

KCATA Ditches Bus Service to Chiefs, Royals Games by THE_TRUTH

HUGE SALE at KCChiefs shop by mikvogel

Take the Wonderlic by Major Tom

Two Chiefs events coming up by oldchiefsfan

Would you guys please read this to have faith that... by Lanier63

Post Stealing: Over, Under and Just Right. by Chris

Steve Bono's Run (Again) by Chris

Arrowhead Pride logos by ProdigalSon

Some President's Day Observations by Lanier63

A little nostalgia by Steve_Chiefs


The PARADE (1 -Yes, he does need his own section)

The PARADE's OFFICIAL Take on the Krumrie Non-Fire by Official Arrowhead Pride Parade

Most commented was Chris' off topic post: Post Stealing: Over, Under and Just Right with 217 comments.

Most rec'd FanPost was Repair Kit 2009 III by 808NaNz808 with 14 recommends.

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