Making use with what we have in the 3-4

Everyone keeps talking about drafting such and such and signing numerous free agents, but chances are we will not land any top notch free agents. And although we will probably end up with whom we want at #3 (which many of us think should be Curry), we should probably have a backup plan. Using the players we currently have, here is how I see a 3-4 defense working out:

LDE: Glenn Dorsey, Jason Babin
DT: Tank Tyler, Ron Edwards
RDE: Alfonso Boone, Brian Johnston

WLB: Turk McBride, Tamba Hali
MLB: Derrick Johnson, Pat Thomas
MLB: Donnie Edwards, I have no idea who else we have
SLB: Rocky Boiman, Demorrio Williams

Before you all go nuts on me, let me explain why I think this works best. Glenn Dorsey needs to be used where he can penetrate, not as a standstill run stuffer, and that is why he is a DE instead of the nose tackle. Tank Tyler has one full year of starting experience now, and while he was not incredible, he was adequate. Plus if we were to draft his buddy Aaron Curry, that will only push him to play harder. Alfonso Boone is the last man standing out of our pathetic DL because he is the only person that ever gets a little penetration. Sure, you could argue that Babin finished last season strong and he would be better suited to play RDE, but for the sake of avoiding argument lets just say neither one is a long term option.

Linebacker is where I get a little crazy. Rocky Boiman was one of the most solid performers of our linebackers last year and if we are forced to start 4 linebackers, he would need to be a starter. Derrick Johnson moves to the middle where I believe he played in college and where he can help be the team leader. Donnie Edwards also moves to middle, assuming he can stay healthy, and gives us veteran leadership on our defense. Weakside linebacker is where we run out of options. Demorrio Williams didn’t do squat last year. If we are just putting pure athletes on the field, all that we have left are Turk and Tamba. Turk, while not very good as a penetration DE, made a lot of plays chasing people down and showed he has potential to do good things. Tamba Hali is running out of luck… he has been with us a few years and still has not much to show for it, especially for being a former first round pick. He’s not big enough for the DL and he doesn’t tackle well enough to be a starting linebacker. Therefore Turk McBride gets the thumbs up on the weakside.

So now that you have my reasoning, here is my REALISTIC 3-4 hopes:

LDE: Glenn Dorsey
DT: Tank Tyler
RDE: Igor Olshansky (FA from San Diego)

WLB: Turk McBride
MLB: Derrick Johnson
MLB: Rocky Boiman/Donnie Edwards
SLB: Aaron Curry (drafted at #3 overall)

Igor Olshansky seems like a likely candidate to be signed by the Chiefs. First of all, he is a solid performer in the 3-4 and would come at a relatively cheap price since 2008 was a down year for him. I would imagine KC would be a nice place for him to come since he’d get to play his former team twice a year. Maybe he doesn’t care about that, but it might be fun for him.

Aaron Curry is drafted #3 assuming the Lions don’t take a linebacker #1 overall and assuming the Rams take an offensive lineman which they desperately need since Orlando Pace can’t stay healthy. He plays the strongside and Rocky Boiman moves to the middle since it’s very likely Donnie Edwards will not make it through the season injury free.

Is this realistic? What are your ideas?

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