Combine Linebackers

Guys I Liked:

1. Aaron Curry - Everything seemed fluid and effortless.  He seemed very relaxed, not nervous or hesitant.  Came away with really good times and measurables, which don't matter much to me; but the fluidity, explosiveness and precision impressed me.

2. Jasper Brinkley -  He looked like a beast today. He was much faster than I anticipated, but with his size he still moved well in the open field, and looked very under control.

3. Marcus Freeman - Looked to be a good coverage guy.   A bit on the small side, but had super-fluid movement, good speed, and nice vision.

4.Scott McKillop - Not the type that will jump out at you, but a solid performer on the field.  Had good feet and control, and good vision as well, instinctive player.

5. Mortty Ivy - Looks like another beast.  A bit on the slow side, but would be a good run-stopper at the point of attack.

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