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Chiefs Combine Catch Up

This past weekend at Indianapolis at the NFL Combine was the big show for a large number of college prospects. Nearly every position participated in workout drills. Wide recievers ran their 40-yard dashes. Or didn't. Quarterbacks completed their throwing drills on Sunday. Again, not all of them participated.

Make sure you scroll down to catch all of the news and everyone's comments from over the weekend. Here are the big pieces of information you should know.

Did you hear about Michael Crabtree?

By far the biggest news out of the Combine this weekend was that the medical evaluations Texas Tech WR Michael Crabtree revealed a stress fracture in his left foot. Not considered too serious, Crabtree didn't run the 40-yard dash over the weekend but will do so on his March 26th pro day.

What does this mean for the Chiefs? Well Crabtree is considered a top 5 pick so any possible narrowing or expanding of possibilities at any of the top 5 positions affects the Chiefs. On Saturday, I was pretty convinced that Crabtree's injury knocked him out of the top 5 picks but after reading your comments and hearing that he will work out at his pro day (initially we weren't sure), I'm confident that his stress fracture won't shake up the draft. Like commenter SayHeyWerd said, "I think Crabtree drops from the 4th pick to Seattle, to the 4th pick to Seattle."

And to keep piling it on Crabtree, he measured nearly two inches shorter than his reported height. Again, not a big deal. I don't think any of the top 3 teams were going to draft him anyway and these issues aren't serious enough to warrant any significant drop in draft position. It is conceivable that these new issues could deter a team from trading up to get Crabtree but I don't think they'll scare Seattle at the #4 spot.

Workout times

With the exception of defensive linemen, linebackers, safeties and corner backs, every other position has completed their check-ins (pre-physical exams and X-rays, interviews with NFL team personnel.), team evaluations (NFLPA meeting, Wonderlic Test, interviews with NFL team personnel) and workouts (40, 3-cone drill, 20-yard and 60-yard shuttles, bench press, vertical jump, broad jump).

There is no reason to go over specific times or workout numbers. Check out the top 10 performers in a variety of categories at

What about the quarterbacks?

09combinesun_medium Sunday was all about the quarterbacks since it was their turn to run the drills.

Georgia QB Matthew Stafford did not work out on Sunday while USC QB Mark Sanchez did. Nothing really of note here other than to say that nothing has changed- Stafford and Sanchez are the top two QB talents in this draft and then there is everyone else. The word is that Sanchez's workout wasn't very good. The only implication of that is that Sanchez will not surpass Stafford as the nation's #1 QB.

According to Don Banks, West Virginia QB Pat White looked the best out of the QB crop. Click through that link for more from Banks on the Combine QBs.

Haley and Pioli speak

Todd Haley and Scott Pioli were all business at the Combine over the weekend. It really is going to be a pain to get info out of these guys.

Check out Primetime's excellent recap of Todd Haley's media session here and another nice piece on Pioli's comments from Randy Covitz here (Video of that Pioli interview is here). One of the more interesting comments from Haley was that Scott Pioli was the #1 most attractive feature about coming to KC.

Aaron Curry

The Wake Forest linebacker is comfortably settling in to a top 5 draft position (Does the fact that Curry played in the ACC bother anyone else?). Here's what he had to say about playing in Kansas City:

Sure, I would love to play for Kansas City. I have a high school teammate who plays for Kansas City, Demarcus Tyler. We played together and Derrick Johnson was another linebacker out of Texas that I've always watched because he was good at forcing turnovers.

Right now, I don't think the Chiefs draft him but we'll have more on that later.

Primetime has another post coming up for you in a bit. For now, settle into work and try not to remember it's Monday. Here's the Combine schedule for today:

Defensive linemen & linebackers: Workouts (40, 3-cone drill, 20-yard and 60-yard shuttles, bench press, vertical jump, broad jump).

Cornerbacks & safeties: NFLPA meeting, Wonderlic Test, interviews with NFL team personnel.

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