Pioli on what he means by Smart, Tough, Disciplined

Pioli tried to downplay the idea that he'd be fighting his former partner, Belichick, for players. He said the whole "smart, tough, disciplined" description is just a general template and that a lot of teams inside and outside the Belichick Tree look for players with those traits, but those players also have to fit what the team is doing scheme-wise.

"I don't think the market is cornered on that," said Pioli. "I think a lot of people are looking for smart players, a lot of people are looking for tough players, and then it's a matter of finding them and making sure that their type of toughness and their type of intelligence fits into your specific philosophy because there are different types of intelligence and because you run different systems, it will fit differently."

Pioli said reaching for a player because you're worried a like-minded team will take him is a good way to end up making a mistake.

"We're looking for big, tough, smart, disciplined football players, but what we're going to do schematically is not necessarily going to be the same thing that we did in New England," said Pioli.

This has been Pioli's mantra from the beginning it seems. Apparently it's his personal one as well. He seems Smart, Tough and very Disciplined.

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