Chiefs would be wise to keep Johnson

Diva? Yes. Spoiled? Certainly.

Is Johnson still capable of being a productive back in this league? Absolutely. Leaving KC in 2009? Probably not. While Johnson’s way of expressing himself was immature and his off the field issues tough to defend you can bet that if Johnson is pounding the ball behind a better offensive line that the defense would rather us put Jamaal back there or somebody else rather than a guy that is a bruiser and only gets better as the game wears on. Most all players respect his game – he loves to punish would-be tacklers. Using him sparingly was not his forte. We needed quickness and someone who can create to dodge the constant onslaught of defenders who rarely were pushed around by our OL. Johnson will play and play hard with respect for this new management's leadership and vision. As I said in another post Chiefs fans will learn to live with him. You don't have to respect the person. But you will eventually learn to respect his game.

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