Is Albert big enough for RT?

Isn't the RT usually the biggest guy on the line, and the LT a faster more nimble (if you can call a 300 lb man nimble) guy.  I'm just asking, if we wanted to go with Monroe or J. Smith, could Albert play RT.  Even though Albert played well at LT this year if we draft a OL with the 3rd pick that player must be inserted at LT, so what happens to Albert?

I've heard other suggestions we could move hime to LG, which means we blew another draft.  No one uses the 16th pick on a LG, and NO one pays a LG the kind of money a 16th pick gets.  BUT if Albert could play RT then we have our bookend tackles set for the next 10 years and is good in the world.  So do you think he could play there??

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