Pioli's secrecy

We've heard it said here that Pioli runs a tight ship.

The 'lockdown' at Arrowhead is driving lazy sports writers crazy, but I enjoy the speculation it breeds. We find out who is doing their homework, and who has been spoonfed, living off the teat.

Pioli's secrecy has created a situation in which sports writers and fans seem to crave information about the Chiefs even more than before -- how is that bad for the team? In my opinion, it's a great strategy. He will endlessly answer questions of philosophy, but as to specifics, you are welcome to draw your conclusions on gameday.

Pioli is methodical to the point that some are frustrated. Primetime put it like this:

Some semblance of urgency in that last statement which is good to hear. This process has been more reminiscent of the turtle rather than the hare.

Depending on the 'prism' you're looking through, Pioli either has an open mind about every player and coach, and isn't making any rash decisions, or each toenail requires a doctoral thesis, and by then Cowher is gone.

I like the slow and steady approach, but I can appreciate a revolution. There is some truth to the idea that 'a good plan executed now is better than a great plan executed later', then again it's not untrue that 'slow and steady wins the race.'

Then again, cliches are not logic.

At any rate, I like the fresh eyes that are on the Chiefs this season. Pioli is confident in his process, and it will be fun for me to watch whether it translates to a super bowl.

Gotta love a guy who says, "We're in the market for good football players that are good people."

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