James Laurinitus to the Dolphins

I was going over some ESPN articles and I saw an article where they mentioned that the Dolphins were lookng to take James Laurinitus at #25. Some of you here are pretty high on Laurinitus. This is going to be a tough position to trade into unless we get a deal done with the Eagles.... Sad though Laurinitus would have gone top ten had he not stayed at Ohio State for his senior campaign 

For me this just means that they are letting go of re-signing free agent ILB Channing Crowder. I'm really high on Crowder I think he could bring some much needed help to our new 3-4 because he already plays in a 3-4 in Miami. It also looks good because Crowder is a Parcells guy, Haley and Pioli like Parcells guys so hey who knows maybe well see Crowder in red and gold this season 

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