Aaron Curry Credits Tank Tyler for His Success

Randy Covitz from the Kansas City Star just posted an interesting piece on our possible #3 overall pick, Wake Forest LB Aaron Curry.

Curry is quoted saying that he credits his success to Chiefs defensive tackle Tank Tyler.

“He’s partly responsible for me being the linebacker that I am,” said Curry, the Butkus Award winner, told me on Saturday.

“When we were in high school (in Fayetteville, N.C.), there was a day when he just told me that I had all the talent and abilities to be a good linebacker. He always challenged me to be better than him, to be stronger than him, to be faster, to move to the ballcarrier, it was non-stop.

“He would not get off my back in high school. Even when I went to Wake, and he went to North Carolina State, and we played each other, he was on my back, making sure I was playing full speed, and I appreciated it and thanked him for that.”

If the Chiefs draft Curry, hopefully he can return the favor this season to Tank. Keep an eye out for more on Aaron Curry from The Star on Monday. 

Curry: Thanks, Tank | Red Zone

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