how about this

I was thinking about my last post and started thinking I would like to redo it. In FA sign OG Jahri Evans, OLB Bart Scott, DE Chris Canty. In my next offseason move I would trade our 3rd overall pick and Tamba Hali to the Eagles for there two first round picks and their 3rd round pick. Now some would say what? Trade Tamba but if we are moving to the 3-4 defense I don’t see him fitting in our plans. Next trade Tony G to the NY Giants for there first 2nd round pick # 45. These would be the key moves in rebuilding our defense. Then on draft day with the 21st overall pick from the Eagles we select OLB Aaron Maybin from Penn St.. Next pick # 28 we select Alex Mack C from Cal. Then to the second round with pick 34 we take Ron Brace DT from BC. Then with our other 2nd round pick from NY Giants #45 we select SS William Moore from Missouri. Then in round 3 with pick 67 we take Herman Johnson to play RT out of LSU. Also in this round with pick 83 from the Eagle trade we take TE Chase Coffman from Missouri. So our D would go:

DE= Canty DT= Brace DE= Dorsey

OLB= Demario Williams ILB= Johnson ILB= Scott OLB= Maybin


CB= Carr CB= Flowers

SS= Moore FS= Page

Our O would go:

Bradley Albert, Waters, Mack, Evans, Johnson, Bowe





This would make a solid team going into the 2009 season what do you all think?

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