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NFL Combine Update: OL, TE Bench Press Reps

Chris Amico preps for the bench press test at the NFL Combine last year.

The NFL Combine continues with the first group of arrivals (Special Teams, Kickers, Offensive Linemen, Tight Ends - click the link above for a full list of these players) working out today.  For tight ends and offensive linemen, positions that place a heavy emphasis on strength and blocking, the bench press is the workout we want to look at.

The bench press is all about upper body strength + endurance.  Sure, these players can max out on the bench but what does that really accomplish? Being strong is one thing, but being strong for 60 minutes is another.

The NFL breaks down the purpose of the bench press test at the Combine:

The bench press is a test of strength -- 225 pounds, as many reps as the athlete can get. What the NFL scouts are also looking for is endurance. Anybody can do a max one time, but what the bench press tells the pro scouts is how often the athlete frequented his college weight room for the last 3-5 years.

Let's take a look at the top performers (via


Name School Reps
Travis Beckum Wisconsin 28
James Casey Rice 28
Dan Gronkowski Maryland 26
Richard Quinn North Carolina 24
Cameron Morrah California 24
Jared Cook South Carolina 23
Eddie Williams Idaho 23
Brandon Pettigrew Oklahoma State 22
Marquez Branson Central Arkansas 22

The target number for tight ends is 22 reps.


Name School Reps
Louis Vasquez (LG) Texas Tech 39
Travis Bright (RG) BYU 34
Juan Garcia (C) Washington 34
Alex Boone (LT/RT) Ohio State 33
A.Q. Shipley (C) Penn State 33
Jason Smith (LT) Baylor 33
Robby Felix (C) Texas-El Paso 33
Jon Cooper (C) Oklahoma 31
Jamon Meredith (LT/LG) South Carolina 31
Ray Feinga (LG) BYU 30
Bob Bruggerman (OL) Iowa 30
Eric Wood (C) Louisville 30
Alex Fletcher (C) Stanford 30

The target number for offensive linemen is 25 reps.

A high number of reps doesn't translate to success for any position. Just ask Tank Tyler who topped all Combine invitees in 2007 with 42 reps.


Kickers and punters aren't required to lift at the Combine but some of them do.  David Buehler, kicker out of USC, did participate and dominated.  25 reps.  A few more fist fights and a more abrasive attitude and he'll be the second coming of Sebastian Janikowski


Quick reminder on the full schedule for this first group:

Wednesday: Travel, Registration, Pre-exam & X-ray, Orientation, Interviews

Thursday: Measurements, Exams, Media, Psych Tests, Interviews

Friday: NFLPA Meeting, Psych Tests, PK/ST Workout, Interviews

Today: Workout (timing, stations, skill drills), Departure


We'll be updating more numbers on the offensive linemen and tight ends as they are released.  Click through to check it out.


Name Inches
Jared Cook 41
James Casey 36
Marquez Branson 35
John Phillips 33.5
Kory Sperry 33.5
Cornelius Ingram 33
Shawn Nelson 33
Brandon Pettigrew 33

The target for tight ends is 32 inches.


Name Seconds
Lydon Murtha 4.89
Jamon Meredith 5.03
Xavier Fulton 5.04
William Beatty 5.12
Gerald Cadogan 5.12
Jonathan Luigs 5.14
Joel Bell 5.15
Eben Britton 5.16
Brandon Walker 5.17
Jon Cooper 5.18

The target for offensive linemen is 5.3 seconds.

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