Sign Brandon Moore

I've been reading at PFT that the New York Jets are expected to release starting RG Brandon Moore. For those of you who don't know, Brandon Moore is the Jets poor man's version of Brian Waters. He's an UDFA that was brought up through their system and started 77 of his last 80 games (nearly 5 full seasons and zero injuries). His run blocking skills have been praised through the years (where I first learned of him) and he's played on successful line(s) including his rookie season where he helped Curtis Martin become the leagues leading rusher. He's 28 years old, has had success in the league, and his history is injury free. Reading between the lines I'm assuming he's being cut as a cap casualty with the Jets horrid salary cap predicament, but with Favre now off the books I dont know the real motivation behind the move. Apparently neither do the fans over @ Gang Green Nation where I found their following post that discusses the move in a little more detail:

It's my opinion Moore would be a vast upgrade over his former teammate Adrian Jones and backup Wade Smith (who even outperformed Jones this season). He's relatively young, will be on his second contract, and shown he can play consistently and very successfully when surronded by talent. If Herm was still coach there's no doubt in my mind he would be signed or at least sought after this off season and as I'm expecting him to have many suitors I personally hope Pioli and the Kansas City Chiefs happen to be one of them.

So please, sign Brandon Moore, draft a new RT and lets return this offensive line to the respectable unit it was once was....and always should be


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