1) Aaron Curry (Guys a stud and can be used inside where scouts like him more inside)

2) Josh Freeman (This guy has a ton of potential and i believe he can be a franchise qb)

3) Ron Starks (We would need a nose tackle and Ron Starks is 335 and is underlooked because of playing with BJ Raji

3) (from trade for tony) Darry Beckwith (Lets face it Rocky Boiman and Demario Williams aren't the answer and Darry Beckwith has alot of talent

3) (for a trade becuase if we run a 3-4 Tamba Hali is useless) Jamon Merideth (Showed alot of promise before hurting his ankle against LSU in the regular season. Athletic and good fit at right tackle.

4) Anthony Parker (Coming off knee surgery he played great in earning a second team all SEC)

5) Gartrell Johnson ( He may not be very fast but he sure has a low center of gravity and would be great to split carries with Jamal Charles

5) (For Larry Johnson) Sammie Lee(He is a junior from a small school and he is tall and big and has the long arms to be effective in a 3-4)

I got a gut feeling Chris Canty will sign here to help with the 3-4

With this heres my predicted 3-4 defense

                                      Glen Dorsey         Ron Brace            Chris Canty

      Ronnie Edwards           Darry Beckwith        Aaron Curry             Derek Johnson

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