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Chiefs Coaching Hires: Change for Change's Sake?



The Kansas City Chiefs coaching changes smells like change for change's sake. Many of the coaches that were released, many from the Herm Edwards/Carl Peterson era, didn't produce results.

Thus change was a necessity. But are the new coaches legitimate upgrades? Or is this change for change's sake?

Take a look at how each of the new hires fared in our poll.  Remember, these polls were thrown up less than 24 hours after the announcements were made so I think a lot of you were excited simply for change and not excited for the actual coaches and their resumes (if I'm wrong, let me know in the comments).

Coach Like it Dislike it Ambivalent Chiefs Connection
Gary Gibbs 13% 86% N/A Haley/Parcells
Dedric Ward N/A N/A N/A Haley/Parcells
Pat Perles 51% 9% 38% Haley
Joel Collier 90% 1% 8% Pioli
Steve Hoffman 88% 2% 9% Parcells
Clancy Pendergast 41% 27% 31% Haley
Bill Muir 38% 23% 38% Haley/Pioli
Maurice Carthon 39% 25% 34% Haley/Parcells
Overall 40% 26% 32% (Unsure) N/A

Each coach had a Haley/Pioli/Parcells connection, which is fine.  This is how coaches in the NFL are hired.  You mainly stick to your network of guys you know and determine if their skills that you're familiar with can translate to what you're trying to do.

The problem with the Carl Peterson network, or the good-old-boy network as it's so fondly been remembered as, is that Peterson was unable (or unwilling) to step in and take charge of his hires when it was necessary. 

Do you think Scott Pioli and Todd Haley can decipher the difference between personal and professional relationships?

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