hey chris, PT, and all of the AP family

what i am about to say is truly how i feel, and i know this is how everybody else feels here too.

Chris, Primetime07, and all contributors to Arrowhead pride:

     i personally would like to thank all of you for all the work that you all do.  the work that you all put in is incredible and there is no other website out there that puts out information on our team as fast as this one. 

      chris and primetime07- the amount of work you put into this site is outstanding. this website definitely wouldn't be as good as it is without you two.  i don't know how you guys do it sometimes but the way info gets pumped out is second to none.

     this website has the best fans in the world!  we can only make it bigger, better, and more noticeable to everybody out in the sports world.  so with that said i just want to say thank you to Chris, Primetime, and everybody else in the arrowhead pride family because all of you make this website the greatest website on the internet!

oh yeah,  GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!

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