QB Development?

Mark Schlereth was talking Matt Cassel, systems, and development today on NFL Live.  He basically said Cassel is a system QB, which is usually the case with most QBs.  He brought up some good points on young QBs. Cassel, Ryan, and Flacco all benefitted from having good coaches to help them develop.  Cassel had a great staff in NE.  Ryan had Mike Mullarky and Bill Musgrave.  Joe Flacco had Cam Cameron and Hue jackson.  So breaking down the current staff and their experience, do we have the coaches to develop Thigpen or who ever they decide is our QB of the future?

Chan Gailey:

Was a QB a the University of Florida.  He actually came into the NFL as a defensive assistant and a special teams coach for Denver.  He was HC of the Birmingham Fire for two season.  One year HC at Samford University and then went to the Steelers for 96 and 97. 

His first O-coordinator job with the Steelers, he had Mike Tomczak in 96.  In 97 he had Kordell Stewart as a rookie.  They made the playoffs both seasons and in 97 lost the AFC Championship game to the eventual Superbowl Champ Denver Broncos.

His next NFL job was HC of the Dallas Cowboys from 98 to 99.  He had an eventual HOF QB,WR, and RB.  They won the division in 98 and finished second in 99.  Lost in the first round both seasons.

Miami Dolphins O-coordinator from 2000 to 2001.  Dan Marino retired at the end of 99, so in comes Jay Fiedler.  Jay was a backup in Jacksonville and came in to play pretty well, leading them to a division championship with the help of a great defense.  They finished second in the division in 01.  Both seasons they lost in the first round.

From 2002 to 2007 he was HC at Georgia Tech.  He posted a record of 44-32 and two bowl games.  Only one season did he coach the team to more than seven wins.  His QBs were AJ Suggs in 2002, Reggie Ball from 03 to 06, and Taylor Bennet  & Ross Jenkins in 07.  Ball was on the Lions staff in 07.

Now in KC he has a chance to develop a QB.  He never really has due to either moving on to greener pastures or being fired.  Not sure he is the guy for QB development.  You be the judge.

Todd Haley:

Definately has the pedigree for football.  Son of Dick Haley and grew up around pro football.

Started in the NFL with the Jets in 95. An assistant scouting in 95 and 96.  In 97 he was promoted to offensive assistant and QC.that is also win he began workg with Pioli.  From 99 to 2000 he was the wide receivers coach, working with Keyshawn Johnson and Wayne Crebet.

In 2001 he went to the Bears and was the receiver coach until 2003.  Nothing exciting.

In 2004 Haley was receivers coach in Dallas.  From 04 to 06 he was the receiver/passing game coordinator what ever that is.  He helped Romo develop into a pretty good QB.

In 07 he went to Arizona as O-coordinator.  Developed a killer passing attack with the help of Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin.

He seems to know how to put together an offensive strategy that works with what you have.  It will be interesting to see what he thinks of Thigpen.

QB Coach:


Scott Pioli:

 We all know his back ground.  He has worked with Belichick most of his career and knows what it takes to build a legitimate franchise.  Blah Blah Blah 3 superbowl wins 4 appearances blah blah blah Tom Brady blah blah blah signed Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Rodney Harrison blah blah 16 and 0 blah blah Now his in KC.

The Question is...Do we have the coaches to develop a QB?


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