Hope nobody is expecting a lot from Free Agency

Like every year, the top free agents get franchised or resigned by their teams.

We went 2-14 last year and 4-12 the year before.  Top Free Agents that can pick and choose where they want to go will not choose a losing team unless they're vastly overpaid what everyone else is offering.

Right now the Chiefs have no direction.  Nobody even knows who our QB is going to be.

We have a rookie head coach with a reputation for getting in the face of players.  Players don't typically like that.

We raided the freaking Arizona Cardinals for coaching.  You can't tell me that people in the league don't find that really funny. 


It was a pretty huge setback for 2009 that it took so long to get Pioli and Haley signed.  All the upper end coaching prospects were snatched up.  This is going to be Year One Rebuild Part II.

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