10 things chiefs need to get done this year

while alot of us are speculating on who we should draft and sign in free agency, i decided to go a different way a little bit.  in this post there is a top 10 list that i think the chiefs need to do in order to be respected in the league by other teams in theleague again.  so with that here we go:

10) Sign these positions in FA- OL,LB,DE.  lets face it there are a lot of holes to fill and more positions could be added, but these are the most pressing needs for now.  thigpen is servicable and gray is a good back up. thats why i didnt put QB on the list.

9) Sure up the O-Line-  this sounds repetitive i know and im sorry.  i think that for thigpen(or any QB) to be great  we need some more protection for them. we need a right tackle for sure and probably a center.  niswanger was ok but he is too tall to play center, and i think he best fits a guard spot.

8) Trade LJ-  LJ need to restructure his contrace before he will get shipped out.  if this happens i think that we should try trading him to AZ for boldin.  boldin wants out and AZ will look for a RB if edgerin james leaves.  or maybe to the bengals for TJ houshmanzedeh (spell it wrong i think).  although none of these are likely, i just put them out there as possibilities

update: i forgot that TJ is a free agent, my bad i apologize

7) Get charles more involved- Jamal charles needs to be more involved with the offense.  whether it would be screens or swing passes to get him into open field.  his speed is a big advantage and needs to be utilized.

6) Tyler Thigpen needs a good QB coach-  thigpen has a arm but his accuracy and decision making needs to improve.  throwing the ball on a line intead of it floating above the recievers need to be corrected.  his mobility isnt a problem, infact, thats the best thing he had going last year (that and TG)

5) Recievers need to catch the ball- Sorry D-Bowe but being in the top 5 in dropped passes isnt a good thing.  if the ball hits their hands they need to bring it in. its not just D-Bowe, every reciever (with the exception of T.G.) needs work on bringing the ball in.

4)Tackling- this is one of the major reasons the defense was so bad last year.  you HAVE to wrap the ball carrier up and not just try to chop them down. arm tackling and shoulder tackles need to be a thing of the past.  if this can be corrected, we will see major improvement on defense.

3) Make special teams special again- not since dante hall has the special teams plays been exciting.  we need to find somebody to change the game and swing momentum the way hall did. i think that savage has that ability, but blocking schemes need to be addressed.  and whoever is returning the ball needs to break tackles.

2) Reagain Home Field advantage again-  IMO, Arrowhead stadium is the best and loudest stadium in football.  we need to stand by our team, sell out the stadium and make the other team tremble in fear. we will bring the 12th man back! 

1) WIN - pretty self explanitory there.  im tired of hearing that we just need to keep it close until the 4th quarter to have a CHANCE to win.  i want to hear we go out there to play 125% to win the game.  i want to see the confidence on the team when they walk out on the field.  i want to see the swagger the chiefs havent had since the 2003 season. 


well this is what i got.  feel free to add anything that you feel needs to be there and let me know what you think.

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