Another option?

Everybody talks about Dansby, Suggs, Vilma and Scott as Linebacker options, but Dansby is tagged Suggs will probably get signed or tagged and Vilma will probably resign with New Orleans at some point. Scott seems like a viable option but my guess is Baltimore really is trying to find a way to keep him along with Ray Lewis and Suggs. I have heard rumors about how we should target Channing Crowder, and I like that idea but I still think that we need another option. So I suggest and please tell me if this has already been mentioned. Eric Barton from the NY Jets. He is 31 years old and probably can get picked up for cheap compared to all the other FA. Sign him for three years and put him in the ILB role along with hopefully Curry. And have DJ and maybe Crowder as the OLB, I believe that if used properly Crowder or DJ could be very big Qb rush threats. Now You may ask what do you do with Hali and Turk McBride. I think that and don't laugh at me, you should trade Hali and leave McBride where he is. I believe that Hali could get a third round draft pick. maybe even a second if you make it a conditional pick. Hali had an off year but he had been good before that.

What do you guys think?


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