Pioli's hiring strategy is genius

 Lets face it, no one team can have the most capable person filling every position in an organization.  We all want the league leading offense’s OC.  We all want the league leading defense’s DC.  We want the league leading passer’s QB coach, etc. etc.  Those guys are not available so you have to look else where.  What better strategy than to look to those coaches and coordinators that have fallen victim to the “Peter Principle”.  Most coaches in the NFL are promoted to higher positions because of the excellence they have demonstrated at lower positions.  Problem is that they were promoted out of their element and became under achieving  in their new position.  They didn’t just all of a sudden become incapable at any capacity. 


People wonder why Pioli hires all these new people and won’t even clue us in to which position they were hired to fill.  Many of these guys have suffered through the humiliation of having their termination announced on ESPN.  Why add insult to injury by letting the media announce their perceived demotion as well.  Hell he may never identify coaches by anything other than being part of the chief’s staff.  Pioli is trying to assemble a coaching staff that is a team.  One that operates under state of synergy rather than discrete divisions of duty that some how needs to mesh together seamlessly when brought together.  I like what Pioli is doing and I believe it is the right thing to do.  I also believe that Pioli’s ability to shrewdly evaluate talent goes beyond the players and extends to the sidelines and practice facility.  It also won’t surprise me to see him make changes to this coaching team at any time during the season or off season if he feels that he has made an error in judgment.      

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