Why would we tip our hand to the Defensive scheme

we plan to run considering all the secrecy regarding the new staff up to this point?   If we are in fact planning to switch to the 3-4, now everyone knows the type of defensive players we’ll be targeting in the Draft and Free Agency.   Seems counter intuitive to the Pioli way.

I realize both Pendergast and Gibbs have 3-4 experience and this might give away our Defensive scheme plans.   However, Gibbs ran the 4-3 New Orleans and Pendergast only ran the 3-4 part-time in AZ.    Point being, we could have kept the rest of the league in the dark for a while and gain a small advantage in the Draft.   If the other 31 teams have no clue as to the type of players we are targeting, it can only work in our favor.

Go Chiefs


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