New Pick at #3

I have thought about the switch to 3-4 and originally was against it as I figured we would be starting from scratch, but then reality set in. We had the worst pass rush in NFL history. We can't stop the run, we can't get offenses off the field. We didn't have the guys to make a 4-3 work, so we aren't losing anything by switching to 3-4. I know some of you will say what about Dorsey, but Im sure the guys @ Arrowhead Drive have thought about him and have got a plan brewing. I'm willing to bet they dont tell us what the plan is, but thats fine, they get paid the big bucks, we don't.

Anyhow if we were staying in the 4-3, I felt strongly that Curry would be the pick @#3 and would play strongside LB, with DJ moved to weakside, and a FA pickup, I was targeting Vilma, would play Middle. Well now with the new revelation of the switch to 3-4, the draft and FA scenarios I had going have obviously switched as well.

Now our pick @ #3 will be more inline with Mr. Pioli's draft history in New England's formative years. Our pick @#3 will be the guy who blew up the senior bowl, who nobody could block. Alex Mack, the best center prospect coming out of the college ranks in the last decade couldn't handle this guy. The clog in the middle will be BJ Raji. His stats per have listed as 6-2, 334, a 5 star prospect. The #1 DT in the draft.

So what do yall think? Does the switch in defense change who we will be drafting and if so what do you think about Raji?

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