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Getting to Know the Chiefs 2009 Coaching Staff: Bill Muir

Not a whole lot out there on Bill Muir. Chime in if you find anything else interesting.


Bill Muir was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator/offensive line coach from 2002 to 2008, mirroring Jon Gruden's hiring and firing. Muir was released after then Bucs head coach Jon Gruden was fired back in January.

As Upon Further Review notes, Muir is a long time coach and put together a below average offense while in Tampa Bay. To be fair to Muir though, he was not calling the offensive plays. Head coach Jon Gruden was.

Here are the offensive rankings for the Bucs for the last seven years while Muir was holding the title offensive coordinator.

Offense ranks
Year Pts Yds
2008 19 14
2007 18 18
2006 31 29
2005 20 23
2004 23 22
2003 18 10
2002 18 24
Avg. 21 20

I'm not very excited about those numbers but then again I know Muir is not going to be the offensive coordinator. And that he did not call his own plays. Another case of the Peter Principle? Again, I hope so.

With Gruden calling the offensive plays, it's really tough to get a read on the coaching skill of Bill Muir. He was also the offensive line coach, so here are the rushing rankings for the Bucs during his tenure:

Rush Rank
2008 15
2007 11
2006 28
2005 14
2004 29
2003 24
2002 27
Avg. 21

Again, not impressive numbers by any means. I'm hoping that putting Muir on the offensive line full time or using him as an assistant will be a better fit for the guy.

He brings experience

Muir's biggest positive that he brings with him is his 31 years of football experience. If case you hadn't noticed, the Chiefs coaching staff and front office is pretty young.

Clark Hunt, Scott Pioli and Toddy Haley are all in their 40s. Collier, Pendergast and Perles are all in their 40s. Dedric Ward is 34 years old. Gary Gibbs is 56 years old and Steve Hoffman is 50.

For a relatively young coaching staff, it will be nice to have Muir's 200 years of football knowledge available at any time.

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