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Getting to Know the Chiefs 2009 Coaching Staff: Steve Hoffman



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"Learn from the coach that helped me make it in the NFL. Whether its fine tuning a vet or teaching a rookie all the tricks of the trade, nobody understands kicking and punting in the NFL better than Steve Hoffman." -- Billy Cundiff

Steve Hoffman will likely be the Kansas City Chiefs new special teams coach in 2009. He's been in the NFL since 1989 largely as a kicking coach. His techniques used to help kickers have been praised across the league.

Let's take a look at Hoffman's resume;

Year Team Position
1985-87 University of Miami Special Teams Assistant Coach
1989-98 Dallas Cowboys Kicking Coach
1999-04 Dallas Cowboys Defensive Quality Control Coach
2006 Atlanta Falcons Assistant Special Teams Coach
2007 Miami Dolphins Assistant Special Teams Coach
2008 Miami Dolphins Kicking Coach

Hoffman bolted the University of Miami when his old coach, Jimmy Johnson, accepted a job with the Dallas Cowboys. He stayed with the Cowboys until 2004 before moving on to Atlanta and Miami. He was hired into Miami under the Cam Cameron regime but was retained when Bill Parcells was hired because of his affiliation with former Cowboys executive and new Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland.

Previous Success

While at the University of Miami, he coached Jeff Feagles, who of course at age 42 just won a Super Bowl with the Giants.

If you'll listen to his own website, he's coached some excellent special teams players:

Hoffman also was a top instructor for Ray Pelfrey's kicking camps, where his students included Barry Helton, who booted for the L.A. Rams, and Brian Hansen, the Saints' all-time leading punter.

It appears that most his schtick is rookie or 1st year kickers. Per the Cowboys official site:

Hoffman has successfully recruited seven rookie or first-year free agent kickers to Dallas. All seven - Ken Willis, ...., Chris Boniol, Richie Cunningham, Tim Seder, Jon Hilbert and Billy Cundiff - kicked at least 12 field goals in their first NFL season. Using seven different place kickers over the past 10 years, the Cowboys have connected on 272-of-344 field goal attempts for a success rate of 79.1% - including playoffs and two Super Bowls.

That .... is the kicker who shall not be named in Kansas City (That's not even a joke...don't type his name out. Please).

In Hoffman's first season with the Miami Dolphins, Jay Feely set a franchise record by completing over 90% of his field goals.

Chiefs Connection

This one is easy. He was on the staff when Bill Parcells was hired into Dallas. Then he was again on the staff in Miami when Bill Parcells was hired and was retained.

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