Outrageous Responses to Coaching Hires

I've read through a majority of the posts on here about our new coaching staff and it appears to be mostly negative, some of the more descriptive words used are, "rejects, losers".

My thoughts are that this a good group of guys with a wealth of knowledge, and I will tell you, anyone associated with Parcells, Haley and Pioli are top notch guys.

What did you think the announcements were going to be? Bill Walsh as the OC, Lawrence Taylor as LB coach, frickin Reggie White coachin the D Line, with Lombardi leading the way as HC. Maybe while we're at it lets get Montana in here to show these guys how to be cool under pressure, then maybe bust OJ out of jail and have him coach up our running backs? Lets see if Dan Dierdorf wants to give it a shot at OLine, with Lynn Swann showing our receivers the ropes. Bet you all would have shit your pants with those names, hell i would have shit my pants.

But cmon, you got to ask yourselves what are reasonable expectations? And I've read what some of your responses have  been, I've seen the answers, "how bout someone from the Ravens, Steelers, or Giants, an up an comer on the rise?" Did it cross your minds that maybe those guys like the idea of where thy are at? That those guys were under contract?

Now this attitude of negativity is putting a big time damper on what is shaping up to be the greatest offseason ever. We got FA coming up, the combine is starting today, and the draft in 2 months. We haven't come close to OTA's yet and some of you are already suggesting that our D fense is going to be horrible again. That's a bullshit loser attitude that isn't needed or wanted this offseason. Man up Chiefs fans, get behind your team, and lets look forward to the future.

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