In Pioli we trust

  Is it possible that Pioli is searching for that lost X&O guru that he left behind in New England? With Haley/Gailey to do the O-thing will he be working a Pendergast/mentor 4/3 under to a 4/3 disciple DC. The 3/4 or 4/3 or whatever will work with right people. If Krumrie doesn't show some ability this year he's gone.

  Since we poached OC and forced AZ to fire DC to protect their LB coach and then hired fired DC why don't you think might poach some more AZ talent, and some NO talent to build or Linebacking? This looks like a pretty good Chess game SO FAR.

  I know most of you have other ideas for what we should have done. Me too. I think FA will tell us the direction. I THINK Pioli will tip his hand on either Defense/Offense by what he targets in FA and on to the draft. I HOPE he decides to get a couple of Offensive players in FA and then goes overboard with D in draft, exc Unger/Mack in 2nd Rd. I think that the retaining of Gailey means that we will be looking at Arrowspread more closely with QB's coming out in 2010. Garcia might be looked at.

  I have no idea on Pioli as far as what is considered to old for FA's. Herm did. What do ya'll think?

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