Our 1st round Draft Choice will be...

 I am sorry but Michael Crabtree doent help our defense that gave up 158 rushing yards per game and only had 10 sacks. If we want to compete with the big dogs like the Steelers...well...they only gave up 80yrds per game rushing and had 51 sacks. We have some BIG time improvements to deal with on Defense FIRST. If you think our Offense was not good enough, well, we were almost identical statwise with the Steelers in every catagory. So if your wondering why we lost almost all of our games just ponder those thoughts.

As far as our 1st round draft pick goes.  Do we need to draft a QB? Well from the stats that I gathered, Tyler Thigpen has done a very decent job so far. No Great and definately not bad. He has our offense starting to gel and Bowe and Gonzalez has learned his tendencies and vice versa. I say Tyler Thigpen owns the starting spot for now. I am not against drafting a QB in 6th or 7th to compete.

Okay now that the QB situation is out of the way I see out number one priority is a run stopping LB. I dont think a pass rusher helps the run defense and that is our main problem. Orakpo would be a nice addition but I dont think he is the solution. My focus goes straight to the top big 3 LB's in the draft. Aaron Curry-Wake Forest, Rey Maualuga-USC, and James Laurinaitis-Ohio State. Which one, you ask? Lets look at the stats....

Aaron Curry- 105tkls 16tkls/loss 2.5sks 1int playing for a Wake defense that gave up 116 rush yards per game.

Rey Maualuga- 79tkls 2.5tkls/loss 0sks 2int playing for a USC defense that gave up only 83 rush yards per game. also winner of Chuck Bednarik Award.

James Laurinaitis- 130tkls 7tkls/loss 4sks 2int playing for an Ohio State defense that gave up114 rush yards per game.

Stat wise I would have to narrow it down to Laurinaitis and Curry. They both played a huge part of their respective defenses.

My personal choice for our number one draft pick would be James Laurinaitis from Ohio State. Now this is pre free agency. Our pick will hang on who we pick up. But thats my choice and I am sticking to it, for now.

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