romeo crennel??

from Bill Williamson

It is being speculated that either Gibbs, fired last month as New Orleans' defensive coordinator, will be the defensive coordinator. Pendergast, just fired as Arizona defensive coordinator, is going to be a defensive assistant. There is also talk around the league that Gibbs may be the linebackers coach of Pioli can get former Cleveland head coach and former New England defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel to be the coordinator. Until official titles are announced, speculation will continue.


more speculation i know.....................but i really hope this could be true.  Romeo was a good as a defensive coach, just not so much a head coach.  as i have said before,  i believe some people should not be head coaches.   anyways what do you guys think about this?  do you think this is possible, or just more speculation that was put out there to annoy the hell out of us?

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