Post Stealing: Over, Under and Just Right.

The guys over Royals Review are suffering through the off season just like we are and I decided to lift a pretty good off topic post idea from them.

The idea is pretty simple.

1. Name something that is over rated.
2. Name something that is under rated.
3. Name something that is correctly rated.

Cut and paste that list into the comments and add your selections to it.

For me, reggae is one of the most overrated genres of music ever. I mean, I understand Bob Marley's contribution to the political landscape of Jamaica but that doesn't make every bozo with a steel drum a good musician. I don't know. It all sounds the same to me.

ArrowDread, I await your argument.

As far as underrated, Beverly Hills 90210. The original series. You wanna fight me on this? Let's go. I know Primetime has my back on this one.

And, something that is just right...KC BBQ.

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