Vilma vs Hill

Lets go with Terell Suggs!...

likely  franchised in a few days.. hours.. seconds

Damn it...

Okay then Karlos Dansby!...

him too.

ah shucks...

Ooh I know! Let's go out and get Bart Scott! 

He's 29? Aren't we only signing 27 and under here?

Ooh well that won't fly

Jonathan Vilma!

No objections how about Leroy Hill? 

Shall we compare??

*Case One*



Let's start with the author's favorite and the likely underdog just for dramatic effect I present to you (drumroll) Leroy Hill!! 

Here are five cases for Leroy Hill as the big Free Agent pick up for the chiefs this off-season


  1. Who doesn't thoroughly enjoy the picture of him sitting on the QB that delivered Mark Bradley to us!? Because of Rex Grossman's total suckedness the Bears were never able to evaluate Mark Bradley and therefore cut him, where he would later sign to become one of the surprising young FA pick ups the Chiefs enjoyed this season.
  2. He's only 26 years old and he's already one of the better OLB in the league
  3. He's a punishing hitter
  4. At 6-1 238 pounds he has about the same dimensions as Ray Lewis and plays at the same intensity. He plays weak side linebacker but could play inside with his size
  5. The Seahawks have the 12th lowest cap room going into this season, with fourteen free agents hitting the market. They have tons of holes picking at #4 and may need the little cap room they have to shore up a decent salary for their #4 pick and get some serviceable free agents after signing their own. Giving Hill the franchise tag may not be an option for them.
The Biggest case working against Hill is the incident where he was charged with possession of Marijuana  however this could work for us because this could bring him to us at a high but reasonable price. It's possible I mean Pioli signed Randy Moss right?

*Case Two*


And in the red corner the unstoppable, the infallible, the indestructible(ish), the peoples champion (drumroll) *Jonathan Vilma*! Im gonna get right into this
  1. Who doesn't thoroughly enjoy the pic of a past Chiefs linebacker and a potential future Chiefs linebacker putting some blows on Larry Johnson huh!? If you look real close it almost looks like Thigpen is enjoying it. I love that guy.
  2. At 27 he's very young and very talented. He ran a 4.6 at the combine before his rookie, speed I'm sure he has improved on. He could bolster KC's MLB postion for years to come.
  3. Very agile player that can move from sideline to sideline while punishing runners in the second and first levels. Finds a lot of success in the immediate pass defense game, help we could use to allow our corners to play their zones a tad deeper, and allow Bernard Pollard to rush in more frequently to add pressure to our pathetic pass rush.
  4. He's versatile and can play just about any role in a linebacker core and do well, except strong side linebacker in which case he'd be more of a serviceable fill in than a franchise starter because he is a tad undersized.
  5. Dude... he's sponsored by Roca Wear! what more could you want? And "he plays to win... hello!"
A knock on Vilma is his inability to perform in a 3-4. The defense soon coming to a stadium near you. It will probably be the Chiefs defense of the future whether it be immediate or over the next couple of seasons. Another thing is he was just charged for reckless driving so he doesn't get a point up on hill for good behavior. However there was no alcohol involved, which actually may be worse, if he does that sober do I wanna know what happens when he's drunk? 
Both of these guys would complete a chiefs linebacking core if we bring in Aaron Curry with our #3 pick because Curry can play any position. Personally I want Curry at the mainstay of the linebackers (middle) but that would require signing hill to play strong side, a position Vilma can't play. 



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