The combine's in two days..., uhhh, what's our defensive scheme?  Sure, the combine's a glorified meet and greet with the measurables, but don't we want to know what we're running before we start looking?

We've (maybe) got Gibbs in house, at either DC or LB coach, but 3-4?  4-3?  What's the scheme?  Does it really affect who we're focusing on?  Are the scouts being told to simply look at absolutely everyone, regardless of position/forte?  Is this a better indication that we're drafting offensively with our first pick?  For that matter, are Clark, Pioli, and Haley sitting around with our DC laughing about the coupe de grace they just pulled on the media?

...I think I've gone cross-eyed due to query overload.  I just hope we hear soon.  :-)

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