Some President's Day Observations

or just plain bitching 'cause I don't have to work today and have nothing else meaningful to accomplish today.

*Why are we putting so much effort into the Draft possibilities when we don't know what will be accomplished through free agency yet?

*Why would a person claim to be Scott Pioli and write a post on here?

*Iv'e never seen so many people capitilize on a President's name and still believe in Socialism.

*I miss the weekly Paradebulation. But I'm happy with the ARGF.

*Does it really matter that we are left out when it comes to everyday or any news about coaching hires with the Chiefs? This isn't the Brown's or Jet's organization.

*Speaking of, it seems like anytime someone is released, ESPN jumps in and says they are likely to land in the Jet's camp.  Am I missing something?

*Primetime did a great job on the Podcast, we need more of that kind of stuff.

*If you haven't seen Gran Torino, you have missed a great movie. I have it on my laptop.  :)

*As far as the future player goes, does the combine really matter?

*Have you checked any other teams boards as far as it relates to Dansby, Suggs and Peppers?  I think all 32 teams fans want them.

*Anyone remember a special teams player we once had named Bennie Thompson? Read a sad article here.

*I am not sure how past "Chiefs" drafts can be used to make predictions for this year, since we have a whole new regime. This has been said before on AP, so I can't take any credit for saying it first.

*Convince me of the relavance of Tim Krumrie as a coach.

*If I made the kind of mistakes Chris Mortenson did at my job, fireman would die everyday. Example, had Chris Mortenson been relied on to report the first happenings of 9/11 he would have told us his sources said it was a bus that hit the 90th floor of the World Trade Center.

*We need to honor our President's more often and at least still respect the office, no matter whom sits in it. One day sooner than later, we will have a Lady President and I pray she will be a good one. But as for a lady Quarterback, I aint so sure.

*In my humble opinion, the one second beer commercial during the Super Bowl was the best.  It got us 29-59 seconds closer back to playing ball again.

Have a great day!

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