How to Draft 101

So this is a tangent off of another post the other day about whether or not to draft Michael Crabtree. Personally I think it should be either Crabtree or Curry probably Curry but thats not what im wondering. what I want to know is how do you think the Chiefs should head into the draft. im throwing out the possibility of a trade because thats ridiculous to assume we could predict that trade and it is going to be very hard to trade this pick anyway. So....

1. Should they take the guy with the most talent, upside, and highest ceiling?? im calling him BPA


2. Should they take the guy that fits what the team wants to do, or position of need??

Now this is the #3 spot in the draft. Going to be getting ALOT of guaranteed money in the form of the signing bonus and just alot of money in general. This is a player who should provide impact on the team both imediately but probably more importantly long term. This is the High Profile pick for the team and alot of how we feel the draft went is based on this pick. #3 you cant miss and wind up with a so-so player if not an outright bust so what say you. what should the strategy be???

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