A little nostalgia

Some memories of Chiefs past. Good and Bad.

Earliest was Radio in 60's on radio. Listening with my Dad.

Big day TV. Christmas Day vs Miami.  Bummer but good day-in-life.

Dad took me to Pro Bowl @ Arrowhead. Miserable weather. Watched

game in trash bag to stay warm. 5 field goals by Garo to win for AFC.

 Warren Moon torching our secondary @ Arrowhead in person. Sucked

Derrick Thomas destroying Buffalo Bills on Monday night football.

Derrick Thomas destroing San Francisco in a night game at Arrowhead.

KC beating San Diego on Vanover? TD return in OT.

Listening to KC Radio, grilling, and whatif' game with Philly in 90's

So many memories. What have you got to take US back to Nostalgia? 


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